Tahrir News Network (TNN) – Cairo, March 2015. Ibn Rushd’s resonating and deep-cutting words, the stomps and throbs of the gypsy dance and music, and the words, “ideas that have wings…no one can stop their flight,” all had their toll on me as they appeared on my computer screen, by virtue of a YouTube channel belonging […]

AUC Times – December 2014. The sound of gunshots, screams, and frustrated car engines is enmeshed with the background music; one tinted with a pinch of gloominess that serves as a melancholic prelude. “They are not letting anyone pass,” uttered a bearded man wearing a black and white checkered scarf, a kaffiya, with his rifle resting […]

AUC Times – November 2014. ..“تشوفها تقول دي مصر” It is perhaps the vivid purple of the wall, with its glaring gold stencils, that render the staggering feeling you attain once you are within its confines. Complementing the striking vivacity of the color, four medium-sized white frames correspond to each purple-colored surface; thus, delineating the carefulness […]

This was my first published piece in AUCTimes in October 2014. It was again published, in August 2015, in Egyptian Streets. The interlacing, patterned motifs that adorn walls of smooth, dust ridden stone of a centuries-old structure –a mosque to be precise –stand adjacent to a small vintage shop as witnesses to the changes brought about by nothing […]